Jackie Rogers

Social Media Strategist, Wier/Stewart

Jackie Rogers has been in social media marketing for over 5 years. From planning and strategy, to copy and content creation, Jackie works closely with business owners and event managers to help them get the most out of any promotion.

Jackie didn’t always see herself as a social media manager. In fact, her path was quite different just a few short years ago. For almost 10 years Jackie worked in health communications. She’s mastered how to talk to audiences where they’re at in their health journey, and help them make better choices for their overall wellbeing.


When she saw how little community there was for people who were trying to get well on their own, she knew she needed to work in a space where she could make a difference.

Fast forward to today, Jackie has branched out to help business owners communicate with their audiences where they’re at meaningfully. From local arts and crafts shops, to national brands, to an international tech startup, she’s thrilled to be able to help so many people in a way that’s close to her heart.

17:00 - 17:30 BST

Wednesday 7th of July Re-Engage

How to Create an Effective Social Media Strategy for Your Event