Megan Powers

Chief Strategist, Powers of Marketing

Megan Powers is a creator who has vast experience in the meetings and events industry. She has worked in marketing for tech companies, in a venue, as a planner, and in audio-visual production sales, before starting her own business. All of this experience gives her a unique lens through which she sees and approaches events. Founded in 2013, her company Powers of Marketing is a boutique strategic marketing communication agency, providing product marketing, podcast hosting, strategy consultation, training, content development, and community-building to organizations seeking to strategically market themselves through content and events. Megan is passionate about being face-to-face for events AND about the opportunities digital spaces also give us to interact, learn, and grow revenue. Her podcast Making a Marketer is closing out its fourth season, and covers all aspects of marketing and business.

17:30 - 18:00 BST

Wednesday 7th of July Re-Engage

How to Use Virtual Events to Promote Your In-Person Event